Noblesville is growing and we need a viable way to move people throughout our city.  Infrastructure is going to be a #1 priority for moving forward.  

East/West Traffic Corridor - Not only is this project necessary for traffic flow through the city, but it will provide additional opportunities for economic development.  We need to work to complete this project timely for the growing needs of the city.

SR 37 Expansion Project - Another high visibility and priority project that will move Noblesville forward and allow us to meet the demands of our growing population.  Effective and timely communication across all levels of government are going to be crucial for completion of this project, which is the experience I hope to bring to the City Council.

Along with these important road projects, I intend to work with and provide necessary resources to our public safety departments who will need to grow along with the city.  We cannot jeopardize the safety and security of our residents by not addressing the needs of our first responders.


Financial Responsibility

A key component of any local government, especially one as booming as Noblesville, will be proper financial responsibility.  It can be tempting to want to move forward with every project that is presented as "economic development."  In reality, a city has a finite budget number and limited revenue sources that need to work in balance with one another.  That means that we need to prioritize our needs and opportunities so that we can grow at a sustainable rate and not pass on the burden of debt to the taxpayers.

That does not mean that it is not responsible to look down the road and to make smart investments in the future of our city.  We will need to spend money in order to continue to move Noblesville forward and provide a safe, working community for current residents and those looking to plant roots here in the coming years.  I want to be a part of these necessary discussions about proper and effective use of our tax dollars in growing Noblesville and its citizens.

Responsibility with taxpayer money also means effective use of available tools such as tax abatements and TIF districts.  These resources can be beneficial to growing cities, but need to be monitored closely and awarded appropriately to ensure organic and successful growth.



One thing lacking from our current city government is open and effective communication.  The key to honest discussions about our community and the direction we need to move toward comes from two way communication from our local leaders and informed citizens.  I believe that Noblesville could be doing a much better job of promoting both of these types of communication.  

As an elected leader, I pledge to encourage resident participation by making  forums for discussion open and available to all.  As a representative of the city, I pledge to communicate fully with the people of Noblesville about all topics and issues.  Our city needs servant leadership that works to ensure all voices are heard and appreciated when looking to our future.


Historic Downtown

Downtown Noblesville is the heart and soul of our community.  We need to protect our most valuable asset and ensure that it thrives for generations to come.  Unlike our neighboring cities, we don't need to manufacture the charm or history of our city, we already have a rich and welcoming past.  Supporting and sharing our historic downtown with the neighborhoods and areas all around Noblesville will serve to connect the diversity of our city.