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Moving Noblesville Forward!


A top priority for Noblesville moving forward.   



Smart investments are needed to help our city succeed on a long term basis.


The key to transparent and informative local government is communication.



Preserve our city's history and utilize our most valuable asset to its fullest.

 Meet Jeremy 

Family - I have lived in Noblesville for 5 years with my beautiful wife and two young daughters, the oldest of which is now in kindergarten!

Education - I received my Bachelor's Degree from Purdue University in Political Science in 2006 and my Master's Degree from Butler University in Business Administration in 2016.

Experience - I've had the honor of serving Hoosiers as a state employee for 10 years now.  In that time, I've worked for a number of state agencies in financial and operational management roles, including FSSA, State Budget Agency, Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, Indiana Veteran's Home, and the Indiana School for the Deaf.  My current role of Chief Financial and Operations Officer at the deaf school allows me to provide necessary and beneficial services to a deserving, yet under served population in Indiana, as well as practice and demonstrate fiscal responsibility that is required of any use of public funds.  I believe this experience is a perfect precursor to the role of City Council member and I hope to be able to represent you and your vision for Noblesville's future.  I want to move us forward while keeping the "soul" of our city thriving.


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